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June 10, 2007


Pat Garner

As Max's mom, I'm pretty sure I had as much fun today watching Max, Satchi, and new pal Dolce, as they did romping and wrestling in the grass! This little guy, Max, has rekindled a spark in me I thought was lost after my sweet Lexi died. Dogs enhance our lives with such pure joy and affection and are such a great comfort.


We have made a good friendship at first through my first dog Satchi. I will never forget you running to me and asking me to bring my her into the store where you were working at that time. She was a pup weighing less than two pounds at the time. I knew you were an animal lover from that moment.When you lost Lexi, I cried with you. After a friendship had developed due to Satchi... you are now a near, dear friend, I think our dogs have created an even more sacred bond as we now feel like a mixed family. Thanks Aunt Pat for starting "The Puppy Club." We will all be life long friends. Dulce and Satchi had a great day with Max did their mom.


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