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April 26, 2007


Don Dodge

My mother always told me "Nothing good happens after midnight. If you haven't had fun by midnight...then you aren't going to. Just come home."

You know, my mom was right. Bad things usually happen late at night...after midnight.

Kids don't think about anything bad happening... because for most of their lives nothing bad has ever happened. They fail to realize that the reason nothing bad has happened is because their parents were watching out for them...even behind the scenes.

Hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.



your mom was right on. I found out about a private high school in the area that had nine kids leave the school due to their being found drinking. The school making a tough stand like this will surely send the message drinking will not be tolerated.

It would be nice if more schools would take on this zero tolerance policy. It is for the safety of all. Idealy, this will relieve some of the peer pressure that happens in school that leads kids to take on drugs or drinking. The girl that died here, helped her boyfriend recover from the tragic loss of his brother due to reckless driving and drinking. Here is an article of the accident in Deerfield.,de-teencrash-101906-s1.article

This accident ocurred during Homecoming in 1999, not so long ago. This tragic event was not enough to stop her from experimenting with drugs and drinking. The consequence was her death, shortly after.

She was a very smart student, who lost her life to a poor decision. It only takes one.

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