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March 02, 2007



Type A personalities have a hard time with balance. It is all the way, all the time. Type A parents tend to have Type A kids which makes for a real competitive and sometimes stressful environment.

I read an intersting blog recently on "How to get things UNdone". Meaning, how to remove things from your normal routine that don't really need to be there.

Free time to think and discover is important. Serendipity can't happen if everything is rigidly scheduled, or worse, a single activity dominates our time.

It is not easy but parents need to break things up, introduce different activities, and just get ceazy once in a while. I know I have to force this with my kids. Left to their own devices they would zone out on video games...forever.

Thanks for the advice.


I live type "A" everyday, and so do my children. There is a very strong drive in this personality make up that calls for time-management. Our drive to succeed in one area can overtake our ability to succeed in another. All the more reason to intentionally take on managing your time so you can succeed across the board.

As our lives get more busy by the day, I have read a few articles on the need to simpify. Greed is a will lead you to failure. No one can have it all or do it all. You need to be able to cut things out that won't make as much of an impact on your life. This is where we learn about tradeoffs in life. And I am all for serendipity. So free time has been scheduled as part of my daily routine. Okay..not a lot of it.

You are so right about kids needing guidance. They have not acquired enough wisdom in their short lives to see the error of their ways by not managing their time. A bad grade on a paper, missing a try-out for a sport, not bringing home a text book to do your is where the lesson begins. The consequence always hurts.


i am having a difficult time getting this right but taking one day at a time. i am currently reading nanny911.

the hardest thing is knowing i myself am an approval addict. i many times give up what is best for my kids; to please others wishes....

i am getting better and am thankful for all the raising kids books out their.

boundries, boundries for kids,i could go on and on.

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